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The Implementation Accelerator package allows the customer to acquire broad Kaa expertise for rapid implementation of IoT solutions based on the Kaa IoT Platform. This package provides all the training and support necessary for the customer to become self-sufficient in Kaa-based IoT solution development. With the Implementation Accelerator services package from KaaIoT, the customer’s software engineering team will receive access to best practices in creating scalable and fault tolerant IoT applications with the Kaa platform, learn how to build their own applications in a series of hands-on training sessions, and deploy a highly available Kaa cluster in the customer’s environment.

The Implementation Accelerator package includes up to 10 consecutive business days of service delivery at the customer’s premises.

The key activities performed as a part of this services package include:

  • Exploration of the customer’s technical and business goals
  • Training series in:
    • Kaa IoT platform core concepts and architecture, services and extensions
    • Connecting and managing devices with Kaa
    • Building custom Kaa services and extensions
    • Kaa security fundamentals
    • Designing scalable and fault-tolerant solutions with Kaa
  • Hands-on sessions:
    • Setup development environment
    • Implement a simple Kaa-based solution
    • Deploy fault-tolerant and scalable solutions
  • Out of scope activities
    • Custom solution architecture design
    • Custom application or use case development


For the most effective service delivery, the customer is asked to ensure a proper communication and a work environment on its part.

  • Recommended customer team: Executive Sponsor, Project Manager, Solution Architect
  • For on-site work, customer should provide the necessary building access and work facilities, including the meeting space and network access
  • For hands-on sessions, customers team must have readily available development machines and the server environment for setting up a Kaa-based cluster

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