How Kaa can help your business grow

We make the Internet of Things open for everyone

Unlimited cloud enablement

Kaa is an enterprise-grade IoT platform that enables a broad range of cloud capabilities for your connected devices. It brings together everything from tiny sensors to sophisticated industrial machinery and makes them connect in a meaningful and effective way, thus making every aspect of your business smarter and more attractive to your customers. Built on the modern cloud-native technology stack, Kaa provides elastic scalability and mission-critical resilience for your IoT device ecosystems.

We make the Internet of Things open for everyone

Strategic IoT expansion

Kaa puts you in charge of your IoT innovations by holding out extensive freedom of technology, deployment models, and customization. It is built on industry-proven open components and supports popular IoT protocols so that your team can quickly get the knack of the platform’s mechanics. Each module of Kaa functions as a portable microservice, which can be separately customized or even replaced with a third-party system so that the platform organically blends into the company’s existing software landscape.

We make the Internet of Things open for everyone

Precise business outcomes

Kaa takes care of an end-to-end IoT data flow and allows you to set up business-specific analytics pipelines and visualization dashboards. It gives you clear visibility into your key performance indicators and greatly speeds up the decision making process through consistent automation. Not only will it mean reduced overhead but also always knowing what to do next by drawing insights from real-life data. More than taking advantage of IoT, with Kaa you can finally get to grips with the transition to a digital enterprise.

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From IoT platform to private IoT cloud

If you need to deploy a full-scale IoT device ecosystem that functions over your cloud infrastructure of choice and allows you to redistribute Kaa-powered IoT features to your own clients, you may find no better option than Kaa. It is the ultimate IoT enablement platform for those companies who need to keep their IoT solutions under full control and set up whatever functionality, data security, performance, and customer engagement models they want.

Our industries

Kaa has been widely used across major industries to spearhead IoT innovation in a predictable, consistent way. The platform allows companies to grow and enhance their IoT solutions as they see fit, keeping pace with an ever-changing business agenda.

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Our portfolio of deployed IoT solutions goes beyond basic IoT use cases and includes embedded, protocols, cloud, Big Data, visualization, machine learning, and other areas of expertise.
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