End-to-end IoT development with Kaa IoT Platform

End-to-end IoT development with Kaa IoT Platform

Kaa is a production-ready, multi-purpose Internet of Things platform for building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. First, as an IoT development platform, Kaa provides an open, feature-rich toolkit for the IoT product development and thus dramatically reduces associated cost, risks, and time-to-market. Second, as an IoT cloud platform, Kaa offers a set of out-of-the-box features that allow companies to set up cloud-based connectivity between their devices or even build their own cloud platform for the Internet of Things.

IoT platforms are rapidly evolving as the Internet of Things engages companies across all industries to actively participate in the revolution of "smart". For every device we could find now a "smart" counterpart, and every advanced system has to become an IoT system, a kind of which can easily communicate with the rest of its environment or even the whole wide world if necessary.

The Internet of Things is both a valuable technology and a formidable challenge. It allows companies to remotely monitor and manage all kinds of systems they operate, create unique products for their customers, and provide fancy-free IoT cloud services. But to make it happen they need to have the IoT infrastructure in the first place. What makes Kaa platform different from the crowd is its business-friendly open-source nature: you own the entire technology built on Kaa without having to pay any licensing fees or locking yourself up with one specific vendor, as it happens with commercial PaaS solutions.

The Kaa IoT Platform is supported by KaaIoT - an IoT company that offers a range of enterprise IoT solutions and Kaa-based support packages. The platform has one of the largest communities in the IoT field, and new features and modules are coming out on a regular basis. Kaa addresses nearly all major business verticals and has been widely recognized in the media as an IoT development platform of choice.

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