Benefits of the Kaa Private IoT Cloud

The Kaa Private IoT Cloud is a private IoT cloud that puts you in charge of your IoT innovations. It is a turnkey product for enabling essential IoT use cases out of the box, integrating easily with virtually any hardware or 3rd party software. It is also 100% open for any further customization you might need.

As a private cloud technology, the Kaa Private IoT Cloud delivers those capabilities and benefits which cannot be fulfilled by public IoT clouds and PaaS offerings. It provides your company with full control over data and infrastructure, ensures stable performance and superior security, and makes customization as easy as hiring a developer or two.

The Kaa Private IoT Cloud is essentially a packaged version of the open-source Kaa IoT Platform, so it retains all the best qualities of the latter. It is 100% open for your team to introduce new features or change pieces around. It is based on the modern microservice architecture that incredibly simplifies IoT application development, DevOps, and integration. Finally, it gives your company full ownership over your IoT solutions and bears no vendor-specific proprietary restrictions.

Technological advantages

Open source

Transparent source code and open interfaces enable any customization and integration.

Cloud-native microservice architecture

It is possible to modify separate microservices, add new ones, or replace any of them with 3rd party software.

Freedom of deployment

The Kaa Private IoT Cloud can be deployed on premises, on some hosted cloud infrastructure, or in a hybrid mode.

Technology, vendor independent

IoT developers can use their favorite programming languages and tools while creating applications on the Kaa Private IoT Cloud.

Kaa at the core

All new features, enhancements and modules continuously introduced for the Kaa IoT Platform become also available for the Kaa Private IoT Cloud.

Business advantages

Technology ownership

Customers retain 100% intellectual property over their IoT solutions built or operated upon the Kaa Private IoT Cloud.


No licensing or per-device fees, no vendor lock-in for support or customization.

Time to market

The Kaa Private IoT Cloud allows you to introduce new features and solutions on your own plan and with your own team.


Security, performance, and other industry-specific compliance can be achieved easily with the Kaa Private IoT Cloud by utilizing its secure deployment, high availability, advanced data encryption, server load balancing, and other capabilities.

Support options

Open source makes it easy to employ any engineering team for custom development and support. For fast and perfect results, the Kaa Private IoT Cloud is backed by support services from KaaIoT.

Kaa Private IoT Cloud in a nutshell

Enterprise IoT cloud for any scale of business

The Kaa Private IoT Cloud is the most comprehensive among KaaIoT products, compounding the core capabilities of the Kaa IoT Platform with turnkey deployment and configuration for your enterprise IoT use case. For reliable, fast enablement of the IoT for enterprise-grade applications, this is the shortest path.

However, you can also go with the pure Kaa IoT Platform and set up an IoT cloud on your own accord. As always, you can use any infrastructure, hosted or on-premises, and play with the entire kit of microservices available for the Kaa Private IoT Cloud. The Kaa IoT Platform is 100% open-source and free to use for any business purpose as per the Apache 2.0 license.

Kaa Private IoT Cloud
Enterprise-grade deployment and configuration
Tailored for the customer’s IoT use case
Custom hardware and 3rd party software integration
Data analytics setup
User and developer training sessions
Kaa Sentinel as an option
DevOps managed services as an option
Engineering services as an option
Based on the latest stable release of the Kaa IoT Platform
Kaa IoT Platform
Open-source and free to use
The entire kit of microservices available for the Kaa Private IoT Cloud
Comprehensive online documentation
Continuous upgrades and new features
Engineering and other services available on demand

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