Kaa IoT Managed Cloud

Kaa IoT Platform

Kaa is a cloud-native open-source IoT platform for professional use and development of enterprise IoT applications. Kaa is open for unlimited hardware and software integrations and is widely recognized in the tech media as an IoT development platform of choice.

Kaa Managed Cloud

The Kaa Managed Cloud greatly simplifies provisioning and administration of Kaa-based solution clusters. It also enables real-time cluster performance tracking and automated log processing for your solutions. Leveraging the Kaa Sentinel, the Kaa Managed Cloud additionally enhances the security of your IoT solution with comprehensive user identity and access management.

Kaa Sentinel

Kaa Sentinel

The Kaa Sentinel is a solution for user identity management that allows creating flexible access policies for all kinds of physical and virtual assets. Its major advantage is a flexible resource model for defining resource types, roles, and permissions, particularly designed to be intuitive for distributed networks of systems, devices, and ad-hoc endpoints.

Professional services

KaaIoT offers several service packages designed to ensure the successful deployment of business oriented IoT solutions. We offer a broad range of services including solution architecture design, custom IoT projects, migration to Kaa, and production support.

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