Open-source Kaa IoT Platform for enterprise

Blending open-source flexibility with enterprise-grade IoT functionality and microservice architecture, the Kaa IoT Platform expands the boundaries of what IoT developers can create for their customers and organizations.

We design success stories

We are the very Internet of Things company that once introduced the Kaa IoT Platform to the global community of IoT developers. Now we complement Kaa with new IoT products and business-oriented professional services to help any company succeed in the IoT.

This is how we deliver IoT solutions of benchmark performance, faster:

  • Kaa IoT Platform original contributor

    Kaa IoT Platform original contributor

  • Full-stack IoT expertise

    Full-stack IoT expertise

  • Services for entire product lifecycle

    Services for entire product lifecycle

  • Best-in-class IoT experts

    Best-in-class IoT experts

  • Vendor-agnostic deployment

    Vendor-agnostic deployment

Tap into our full-stack IoT expertise

Our portfolio of deployed IoT solutions goes beyond basic IoT use cases and includes embedded, protocols, cloud, Big Data, visualization, machine learning, and other areas of expertise.
We also know how it all fits together.

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