Package Outline

The Hardware Integration package allows the customer to have their hardware integrated with the Kaa IoT Platform and tested for uninterrupted operation within a Kaa environment for a 24-hour period. This package ensures fast and reliable hardware integration, which can be especially important for rapid POC development, behind-the-deadline projects, or in the case of unconventional hardware.

Under the Hardware Integration package the customer receives the Kaa sample application binaries and source files necessary for integration with the selected hardware. Finally, the integrated hardware is validated for proper work by running the Kaa sample application uninterruptedly for a 24-hour period.

The Hardware Integration package is delivered during a period defined in the Timeline section.The key activities performed as a part of this service package, are split into two separate phases and include:

  • Pre-integration activities:
    • Verifying whether the customer’s hardware is compatible with Kaa
    • Exploration of the customer’s hardware technical documentation for seamless integration
    • Evaluating possible integration paths and selecting the best one
  • Integration, porting, testing and demonstration:
    • Porting all necessary Kaa client software and its dependencies to the customer’s hardware
    • Porting a Kaa sample application to the customer’s hardware
    • Integration testing by demonstrating uninterrupted operation of the Kaa sample application during a 24-hour period


  • Pre-integration activities: 5 business days
  • Integration, porting, testing and demonstration: 5 to 15 business days


  • Necessary third-party software components for the integration with the customer’s hardware, if any required
  • Source code and binaries for the Kaa client software, if required
  • Source code and binaries for the Kaa sample application
  • Technical documentation on the cross-compilation (if possible for the target hardware) and build procedures for the delivered Kaa client software and the Kaa sample application source code

Out of scope activities

  • Customer’s solution cluster installation and configuration
  • Kaa platform components customization
  • Kaa trainings
  • Custom application or use case development
  • Hardware modification; components, systems and casing development, prototyping and mass production
  • Modification, patching and debugging of the third-party components including the Kaa client dependencies


  • Customer must provide at least 3 development environment setups (hardware modules for integration with Kaa), which will be returned to the customer after the integration is completed
  • Customer must provide all the hardware specifications, requirements and accompanied development software (SDKs, libraries, tools, etc.) for the target hardware prior to the service package delivery

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