Webinar: Building a Private, Enterprise-grade IoT Cloud with Kaa

Cloud technologies have become more sophisticated with the arrival of the IoT, but at the same time they open more business opportunities than ever before. Evolving from merely extra storage convenience and basic business apps on demand, cloud now is a key asset for enabling innovative services for customers, driving down across-the-board operational costs, and expanding your business to entirely new, technology-shaped markets.

During this webinar, we will explore optimal business strategies in regard to both public and private IoT clouds. Specifically, we will look at top reasons to build a private IoT cloud for your company, advantages of the open-source private cloud, and how to architect it based on the Kaa platform.

On the webinar, we will also give a sneak preview of the upcoming major Kaa release and how it is going to eliminate those technological and operational obstacles that prevent many companies from having their private IoT clouds today.

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