Kaa Sentinel

The Kaa Sentinel is a solution for unified user identity management and flexible configuration of permissions. Sentinel allows you to set up any types of resources, permissions, operations, and user roles to fully match your company’s security policies.

Kaa IoT Platform

Flexible resource model

Sentinel features the flexible resource model that can be set up to represent any hierarchy of the company’s physical and virtual assets, as well any possible user operations. For uninterrupted updates of your asset inventory, Sentinel also allows you to modify and upload new resource types into the system on the fly.

  • Physical and non-physical assets
  • Custom-defined user operations
  • Nested resource types
  • Nested user roles and operations
  • Dynamic updates to resource types


  • Single sign-on
  • Simple REST API integration
  • Pluggable data sources
  • Group permission management
  • Lightweight
  • Secure API
  • Application level security with a JWT token
  • Transport level security with TLS
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