Open-source and vendor-agnostic

The Kaa IoT Platform is so unlike a typical platform-as-a-service that binds you to its vendor’s ecosystem and holds key technology out of your reach. With Kaa, you have full access to the source code, no usage fees, and unlimited flexibility of deployment. The platform is also designed for broad compatibility with all kinds of open and commercial hardware, connectivity protocols, and data management solutions.

Kaa IoT Platform

Key features and capabilities

End-to-end IoT development toolkit

  • Sensor and telemetry data collection
  • Remote provisioning & firmware upgrades
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Device management
  • Messaging across devices
  • Smart events, alerts, and notifications
  • Edge computing

Flexible deployment, integration and security

  • Private, public, and mixed cloud deployment
  • Microservice architecture
  • Open integration interfaces
  • End-to-end data security
  • Elastic, zero-downtime scalability
  • High availability deployment with no SPOF
  • Secure user identity management

Perfect foundation for your private, enterprise-grade IoT cloud

Any company can use the Kaa IoT Platform to implement a fully functional, 100% owned IoT cloud and use its unique capabilities:

  • Superior performance on a private cluster

  • Full control over features and modules

  • Unlimited freedom of 3rd party integrations

  • Easy customization and upgrade

  • Top-level security and data privacy

IoT platforms comparison: open-source (Kaa IoT) vs. commercial (IoT PaaS) platforms

IoT PaaS Kaa IoT Platform
Technology ownership You rent a bed You own the house
Code control Proprietary and opaque Open-source and transparent
Cost of ownership Annual fee + usage fee + services + support Services + support
Deployment 3-rd party cloud Complete freedom: on-premises, cloud, hosted, hybrid
Scalability and security Limited visibility and control Full visibility and control
New features Limited control, slow response (reportedly weeks to months) Absolute control (open-source), continuous integration, under a week typical response
End-to-end solution Fill in the gaps yourself or engage with a VAR / 3-rd party Turnkey, custom solution enablement
Vendor expertise PaaS Full stack: embedded development to data analytics, machine learning, visualization, etc.
Talent attraction Challenging due to the proprietary nature of the platform Straightforward due to the open source and reuse of proven and widely adopted open-source components
Professional services Expensive, shared, on-demand resources Dedicated team; proven and cost-efficient development methodology

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