After 4 years of steady evolution as a part of CyberVision Inc., Kaaproject has finally come out of shell and established itself as an independent company, KaaIoT Technologies. The company inherits the entire leadership over the open-source Kaa IoT Platform development but also introduces a range of new Kaa-powered products for the enterprise.

True to its origins, KaaIoT brings along our team’s commitment to open source as the Kaa IoT Platform will remain 100% open and free to use for everyone. In fact, we aligned the launch of KaaIoT with the biggest milestone in the Kaa history since inception - Kaa 1.0.0 Banana Beach release. It offers a new architectural paradigm based on microservices and provides a ton of other functional improvements. All this is based on latest technology, standards, and best industry practices.

The registration for the Kaa 1.0.0 pre-release trial is already open!

“As an open-source project, we've always strived to not only make Kaa open but also versatile and effective for any IoT use case you may think of. With Kaa 1.0.0, we've definitely achieved that and more. I am thrilled to let Kaa users really get ahead of the game now with their IoT projects.”

says Mr. Andrew Kokhanovskyi, the CTO at KaaIoT.

In addition to the Kaa platform, at KaaIoT we bring forward a number of ready-to-go Kaa-powered products and service packages for the enterprise. Some of them will complement Kaa for specific use cases or technologies, while others offer self-sufficient capabilities and unique business value. Our productized service packages offer a unique opportunity for companies to fulfill their specific project needs in a precisely defined timeline.

As Kaaproject, we’ve come a long way in helping companies and individuals master the IoT technology. We’ve successfully implemented a variety of Kaa-powered solutions across 10+ major industries, while Kaa Community projects already count in hundreds. As KaaIoT, we take our mission to a new level where we enable businesses to implement their own, fully integrated IoT private clouds. For all companies willing to develop their IoT initiatives into strategic business directions, we offer the technology that puts them in charge.

The IoT innovation storm is brewing, so don’t miss out on all the action!

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