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IoT technology for unlimited innovations

At the heart of our value proposition is a freedom of IoT innovations. Our Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform brings you up to speed with an entire stack of modern IoT capabilities and, at the same time, gives you flexibility to adapt it all to your business ecosystem. We take customizability to the extreme with every platform’s component being implemented as a portable microservice, loosely coupled with the rest of the pack. If you need to modify them, substitute with your own modules, or rearrange for the best system configuration—you absolutely can.

There are also no limitations as to what hardware you can use, what development tools and languages are preferred by the Kaa platform, or what cloud provider you should hook up with. Every option is feasible and up to your discretion.

Any cloud you like

Cloud is an essential part of modern IoT technology—it gives you scalability, resilience, and simplified DevOps. However, reliance upon a single public cloud may not suffice in many cases when organizations pursue complex business and technical goals that require multi-cloud and hybrid cloud IoT deployments. Considerations in favor of mixing different clouds differ from taking advantage of better pricing and performance in a particular geography to ensuring redundancy for data protection and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Kaa allows you to go with any cloud model for your IoT solutions. You can deploy them to any public cloud infrastructure, or their mix, as well as take advantage of a private IoT cloud option. With a private cloud, you can configure specific performance and storage characteristics to meet your requirements perfectly; it is unmatched in terms of data security and compliance; finally, owning your infrastructure allows you to execute full control over continuous enhancement and evolution of your IoT technology.

Whatever your choice and ongoing business dynamics, you can switch between different cloud strategies and migrate your applications at little effort with Kaa.

No-compromise, 100% technology ownership

Turnkey IoT enablement

We have come a long way in helping companies master the IoT technology and turn it into actual value for their customers. On top of our out-of-the-box IoT enablement products, we offer full-stack IoT implementation services to help you go to market fast. We also introduce a family of other modern technologies to the enterprise needs, including Big Data analytics, Web, and Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to enter this new dimension of business opportunities created by IoT, we can guide you every step of the way.

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